Winnipeg researcher tapping into cattails for energy and helping lake to heal

An energy industry fueled by an environmental problem – a Winnipeg researcher is tapping in to the power of cattails. The researcher said harvesting them to help heal a lake has created a new type of fuel.

“What we’re doing is creating a market for that material that otherwise would be mowed or left in the ditches,” said Richard Grosshans, senior researcher with International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Ground up cattails offer a new source of renewable energy.

The emerging market has caught the eye of some Manitoba companies.

“Why would we spend our dollars bringing in energy from other provinces or other places in the world? It’s just a matter of harnessing it and developing it,” said Stephane Gauthier who works with one those companies – Biovalco.

That’s exactly what several Manitoba groups are doing – working together to create a unique brand of biomass. Read more