Winnipeg lobbies province for wastewater licence change that would send more pollution to lake

July 6, CBC News:

More pollutants could flow into the Red River at certain times of the year if the province agrees with a city request to loosen the rules to save millions of dollars on upgrades to the city’s largest sewage treatment plant.

Coun. Scott Gillingham told reporters Thursday the city’s chief administrative officer has been in talks with the province about loosening the environmental licence for the North End sewage-treatment plant upgrades to allow it to exude wastewater effluent — specifically ammonia — at a rolling average level rather than a hard cap on how much can be released at a given time.

“It would allow us to continue to protect the environment, but also could save the citizens of Winnipeg tens of millions of dollars,” the city’s finance chair said.

Gillingham said if the province allows the city to emit an average over time, Winnipeg would be off the hook for as much as $30 million in construction and design costs for the upgrade. Read more.

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