Blue Landscaping

These useful resources will help you get started on greening your home and conserving water.

Alternative Plumbing and Water Conservation

This document profiles Manitoban home-owners and businesses that have made innovative water-saving renovations such as installing a composting toilet, grey water recycling system, or rain barrel. The following case studies explore the benefits, challenges, savings, and costs they experienced. We hope this help you make your own eco-friendly renovations!


Green Roofs
A Green Roof is a living roof, planted with vegetation. Green your whole roof or get started with a shed, garage, greenhouse, or awning! You can grow mosses, flowers, grasses, vegetables and fruits… some roofs can even support trees!


Rain Garden
Rain gardens are designed to retain and purify water that runs off roofs and concrete surfaces instead of letting it drain into the sewer. They are easy to build and don’t need much maintenance. It is important to choose the right type of plants for your rain garden to work well.


Saving Water in your Yard
Residential water consumption increases by 50% during summer months, most of which is used on lawns and gardens. By utilizing rainwater, and reducing your lawn’s water needs, you can significantly reduce the amount of treated drinking water you use in your yard each year.


Permeable Surfaces
Permeable ground coverings, unlike pavement and cement, allow
rainwater to be absorbed into the earth. This is important for soil
health and protects rivers and lakes from pollution due to sewage overflow and chemical runoff. Driveways, sidewalks, garden paths and patios can all be designed using a permeable material.