Region Prepares For Eventual Droughts

July 24, Pembina Valley Online:

“It’s not if we’ll have another drought, it’s when.”

That according to Pembina Valley Water Coop Board Member Marvin Plett.

The grim prediction is spurring on the 14 municipalities represented in the Pembina Valley Water Coop (PVWC) to begin planning for probable worst-case scenarios.

History reveals the prairies cycle through dry/wet periods.

“We’re in a wet cycle right now, but the drought of the 1930’s will happen again,” Plett says. “We need to plan for it.”

While the year long droughts of the last century were devastating, Plett notes the added challenge is the population in the Pembina Valley has dramatically increased in the last 80 years.

In the past, most farms relied on wells and dugouts, some capable of providing a year’s worth of water. Now, most farms are mostly supplied by the PVWC. Read more.