Minnesota study raises concerns about Red River, Lake Winnipeg water quality

February 27, 2019 – CTV News

The deterioration of water quality in the U.S. portion of the Red River is taking a toll on Lake Winnipeg as well as fish and aquatic insects downstream from the Red’s headwaters, according to a new report released by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The study looked at fish and insect communities in the Red River near Breckenridge, MN north to the Canadian border.

It found there is too much sediment in places due to increased runoff which can make it more difficult for fish to find food, detect predators and reproduce.

“Climate changes have led to more rain and more storms,” the report states. “More drainage, through ditches and more recently subsurface tiling, brings much more water into the Red River.”

“Drainage increases the peak flows and intensifies the low flows. These fluctuations are hard on fish and other aquatic life. Generally speaking, fish and aquatic insect communities are doing reasonably well, but decline as you go downstream.” READ MORE.