Manitoba Launches “Spot the Stripes and Stop the Spread”

March 7, My Toba:

The Manitoba government has launched a public awareness campaign, called ‘Spot the Stripes and Stop the Spread’, to encourage water-users to help in the battle against zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species (AIS), Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox announced this week.

“Taking an active role in preventing the spread of AIS is the focus of a new awareness campaign that will be asking Manitobans to spot the stripes and stop the spread,” Cox said.  “We know that all Manitobans who enjoy activities on the water want to play their part, so we’re calling on them to help us raise awareness and change behaviours.  Zebra mussels are here to stay in Manitoba and we must all do our part to prevent further spread.” Read more. 

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