Interim plan proposed to protect Lake Winnipeg from ‘constant dripping tap’ of nutrients from treatment plant

March 22, 2019 – CBC News

Water scientists and activists are urging the City of Winnipeg to adopt a new treatment technique at its largest water treatment centre as a stopgap measure to protect Lake Winnipeg, while the city works toward $1.8 billion in upgrades promised down the line.

Officials from the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Lake Winnipeg Foundation said the projected timeline for upgrades to the North End Water Pollution Control Centre will be too slow to reduce the flow of nutrients into the lake from Winnipeg.

“This is a constant dripping tap,” said Dimple Roy, director of water management at the institute.

“We’re releasing 600 kilograms of phosphorus every single day out of the North End treatment plant. And given current timelines of the full upgrade, we’re going to be seeing these kinds of loads for the next 10 more years.” READ MORE.