How Vernon RCMP volunteers are protecting us from a new threat: invasive mussels

Aug. 17, InfoTel News:

Crime prevention volunteers in Vernon are on the lookout for an intruder of a different sort: invasive mussels.

It’s not necessarily work that you would normally find RCMP volunteers doing, but Vernon’s Crime Prevention Coordinator Regan Borisenko says the threat of invasive quagga and zebra mussels is too great to stand by and do nothing.

“We are doing marine vessel safety checks anyways,” Borisenko says of their summertime work at Vernon’s Paddlewheel Park boat launch on Okanagan Lake. “Now, volunteers also look for invasive mussels on boats and trailers.”

The mollusks have been spreading across the U.S. for years and in 2013 they were discovered in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. So far, the mussels haven’t made their way into the Okanagan, but prevention is becoming more and more critical. Read more.