Construction Corner: Flood waters continue to rise in a warming world

June 23, Daily Commercial News:

Climate change is often seen as posing the greatest threat to the world’s coastal areas.

But inland cities face perils of their own, including more intense storms and more frequent flooding.

Revised flood forecasts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has got inland American cities scrambling. It seems that many of their bridges are going to be too low to cope with increased river flows as the climate warms.

A little more than a decade ago the city of Des Moines, Iowa, spruced up an old train trestle, turning it into a pedestrian and cycling pathway across the Des Moines River. But little more than a decade later, crews were back to the site with a crane to hoist the span 1.4 metres at a cost of $3 million. That was after the corps concluded that the river’s flood risk was nearly double earlier estimates. Read more.