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5-Year Fight Removes Less than 1% of Phosphorus from Lake Winnipeg Basin

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Feds, province need to intervene with U.S. water projects: NDP critic

Aug. 16, Winnipeg Sun:

Manitoba’s environment critic is pushing the provincial and federal governments to intervene with U.S. water projects he fears would send pollution flowing north.

NDP critic Rob Altemeyer says our leaders must confirm Manitoba’s water won’t be harmed by two potential projects that would send some American water over the border. Both projects had earlier versions Canadians opposed in the past.

“If North Dakota is proposing something and they can prove, beyond a doubt, that our waterways aren’t going to be impacted, then let’s hear that argument,” said Altemeyer. “Anything that could potentially damage our waterways, needs to be opposed by the provincial and federal governments.” Read more.

Low levels of pesticide found in Manitoba lake after dead crayfish discovered on shore

Aug. 26, CBC News:

Water tests have confirmed the presence of a pesticide in a western Manitoba lake and while officials say swimming in the lake is still safe, eating fish from it isn’t advised.

Campers raised the alarm at Seech Lake, north of Oakburn, Man. — approximately 250 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg — about two weeks ago after finding dead water beetles and crayfish on the shore.

Manitoba Sustainable Development and Health Canada both collected water samples and launched investigations as a result.

On Friday, a provincial spokesperson confirmed a pesticide, sold under the brand name Matador, was found in the lake in low levels. The levels detected were below what would be considered a health concern.

“Testing of Seech Lake indicates that lake users can resume use of the lake water for domestic uses and swimming,” a provincial spokesperson said on Friday of the investigation’s status. Read more.

Gerrard calls for action on sewers

Aug. 10, Winnipeg Sun:

A Manitoba Liberal leadership candidate is lobbying to stop billions of litres of diluted sewage from flowing into the Red and Assiniboine rivers each year.

River Heights MLA Jon Gerrard says the province, which regulates Winnipeg’s water, must commit to a $2.3-billion to $4.1-billion plan to eliminate Winnipeg’s combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

The City of Winnipeg submitted a master plan to reduce the overflows to the province in December 2015 but the province has yet to mandate which option the city must pursue. Read more.