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We’re Hiring: Water Caucus Program Manager

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Water Caucus Program Manager educates Manitobans about provincial water topics and issues, and provides feedback to government and other organizations about water issues. The Water Caucus Program Manager will be an accomplished and respected team member, with a strong background in program delivery and getting things done.  A passion for the environment is what binds the staff at the Eco-Network together. View the full posting here.

City weighing options on how to deal with sewer overflow problem

Aug. 5, Winnipeg Sun:

Combined sewer overflows dumped another 9.2 billion litres of diluted sewage into Winnipeg rivers last year.

And those lobbying to clean up the endangered Lake Winnipeg say action to stop those spills must happen now.

“It’s very, very concerning because every time there is a combined sewer overflow that means more phosphorous and nitrogen getting into the river and up into Lake Winnipeg. The phosphorous can get deposited in the sediments of the lake and be available in future years,” said Vicki Burns, director of the Save Lake Winnipeg Project. “So, the longer we wait to correct this problem, the harder it’s going to be to fix it.” Read more.

PED jumps across Red River, but expert confident spread is under control

July 27, The Western Producer:

Porcine epidemic diarrhea has spread to the west side of the Red River in Manitoba for the first time.

However, it has just barely crossed and the Manitoba Agriculture veterinarian overseeing control efforts thinks there is no reason it can’t be contained to that one tiny beachhead.

However, a risky time is approaching for many hog farmers who have had infected herds but will soon need to move market hogs.

“There will be scenarios where pigs from infected premises will have to go to non-infected premises for finishing,” Glen Duizer said last week in a conference call “town hall” with Alberta hog farmers. Read more.

Warnings issued for beaches around Manitoba

July 28, CTV News:

The province sent out a warning Thursday evening about algae and elevated levels of E. coli at some Manitoba beaches.

A water sample taken at West Grand Beach showed levels of E. coli in the water exceeded provincial guidelines.

Algae advisories have also been posted for the Rivers Reservoir, Killarney Lake, and Pelican Lake near Ninette and Pleasant Valley.

Beachgoers are advised to avoid contact with green algae, swallowing lake water, swimming with an open cut or wound, and eating fish from the lake that appear unhealthy. Read more.