The Manitoba Eco-Network Water Caucus is a resource and activity hub for individuals and groups interested and involved in local water issues.
In Manitoba, we are surrounded by waterbodies of many sizes. We feel connected to water, and we have the ability to make choices that can help make sure that we and future generations will always have clean water available.
The Water Caucus builds awareness about local freshwater resources and issues, offer presentations and workshops, communicate local freshwater stories, depave areas to improve stormwater retention, work with our network on solution-oriented projects, and and much more.
We work closely with individuals, organizations and communities to take direct action in how we affect the water resources in our own province.

We communicate the value of freshwater, the need for water conservation, and encourage sustainable water management.

Our objectives:

Objective 1: Network and collaborate with water oriented organizations, individuals, and communities throughout the province;

Objective 2: Educate for wide public awareness on key water topics and issues in Manitoba such as wetland and watershed management, green infrastructure, sustainable water management and personal water stewardship

Objective 3: Foster public engagement in projects and planning processes in Manitoba that may significantly impact water through personal contact, external committee participation, workshops, and presentations.

Objective 4: Explore and champion action and policy tools that can have a positive impact on water stewardship in Manitoba;